Meet Chantal

I love daily self-reflection – even more so when I have the time and I can write it down.

I am a Rhetoric, Writing and Communications major. A global ambassador for the Body Image Movement- and an overall learning enthusiast.

I am an eating disorder recoverer- which ultimately influences this blog. My values on health and wellness ebb and flow as I grow. And because of the things I have learned along the way, I feel like I have a few things to say.

With my rhetoric and psychology education, my experience with an eating disorder, and after working in the fitness industry. Talking and listening to countless hours of therapy and sitting through many mental health workshops, all of it has helped me learn to think critically about how culture has shaped our self-image and the way we view our own health and beauty. Advertising has falsely convinced us of what we should value and pursue in terms of happiness. And ultimately, it has made us focus only on the perception of our external lives – rather than other essential parts of our well-being. 

This blog is about a few more of those lessons I have learned along the way, so I hope it helps- even just a little.

-Chantal Lacoste